How to find lightness in the dark (Part 1)

It is April. My birthday month. And I am coming to a time of great reflection over the way my life has been so far, especially in the last year or so. Where the only word to describe life would have been….sdkofhisiodhfaliuohlsidhaifdsgajsbfaoaaksdnflsl. And not in a good way!

I was a very sad person for a long time. I felt like I was stuck on a merry-go-round, spinning uncontrollably round and round, and it was making me sick to my stomach, but I just couldn’t get off it.

My life was hanging low, hanging dark and deep for a long time. Like the mist that blankets a lake on a cold winters morning. But now the winter has lifted, and heaviness of my own breath is gone. A new sunlight glitters delicately where the shadows once slept.

It was not/is not an easy journey to take. And every step required some kind of internal strength that I didn’t know I had. I wanted to share with you my reflections during this time. And a few of the things I did, some of the steps I took, that helped me move forward in life. I hope they will be helpful for you. I will also post this post in a few instalments as it is quite long. Here is the first part.


1. Developed a Spiritual practice


Growing up with my girlfriends (in photographs)

I stopped writing in my blog for a while. I started to feel very self conscious of my own voice and what I had to say, what I had to offer the world. But I think am ready to speak again and writing to you now feels like an act of courage and bravery. I have much to share with you, stories to tell, photos to share, lessons I have learned, if you would like…


So, I want to ease back into blogging by sharing with you a small, precious joy in my life; my friendship with Emma and Becky.


2014 one day at a time

My dear friend Arlene told me she had just one resolution this year. To deepen all her experiences. What a profoundly simple ideal to aspire to.

2014 is a mountain. It is a mountain and we are climbing it. It seems overwhelming at first, but less so when we know we can break it down into 365 smaller parts.

One year is a very ambiguous thing. It is difficult for us to truly and accurately comprehend who we are going to be at the end of the year. It is difficult to know what kinds of things we are truly capable of doing every day for an entire year. And with our lofty new years resolutions, it is so difficult to make a commitment to something for a year, especially when we have been living a certain way for all the years we have been alive today.

Can you keep your resolutions for just 1 day?


Laura & the roses


This afternoon, my friend Laura and I spent some time in a beautiful rose garden and took some photographs there. Laura is very pretty and creative girl and always seems to “get”what I’m trying to create in a photograph, so I think we make a great team! She is so unafraid to be herself. That might be one of my favourite things about her.

Here are some of the best moments:


New York City in photographs


This summer, my family and I spent a little over a week in New York City, and my goodness, what an experience it was! I had taken so many photographs and uploaded them onto my computer, however when my computer died a few months ago, I lost all my images from the city. Luckily I had already uploaded some of my favourites into a private facebook album, which I have just re-downloaded to share them here with you today. So for that, please excuse the poor quality. But I hope that they capture the essence of the city anyway.


Qualities of a Reasonable Person

I’m baaaaaccckkk! I haven’t had my laptop in over 2 months. And I got so used to not having a laptop, that now having one feels like a total luxury. I have a bunch of posts and post ideas in my drafts just waiting to be written and published. & photos of beautiful moments in life to share with you. I feel like over the last few months I just lost my (blog) voice. But I really miss it and just want to get it back again.

I feel grateful that there are some of you out there who follow this blog and don’t mind me sharing these things with you. I do hope you get some value from being here too.

So, I was thinking about the qualities that make a person reasonable, that gives them the force of reason. It is that force allows people to take responsibility for their life, and gives them the power to influence themselves and those around them in a positive way. Hmm, I think this is something I really need to develop in myself. Some times I don’t feel very reasonable at all -_-.