The Wedding Series: In the garden of lights

The night before the wedding we have a party at my grandparents home. It is a chance for me to receive blessings from all our relatives and close family members. My grandfather is a strong, wise man who adores all his grandchildren. He asked me “What would make the party special for you?” and I said “lights.”


When I stepped outside after getting ready, I felt like I had walked into a magical world, a fairytale garden. The warm indian breeze, the inky blue night sky, the starlight and fairy lights, the emerald green reflecting off the trees.

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Morality and Humanity

If I had to choose which one of these qualities to develop in myself, I would choose humanity.

Morality vs Humanity

Morality is defined as the “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong, or good and bad behaviour”

Extreme morality is an extreme sense of what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil. When morality becomes extreme – it can be frightening. Extreme morality results in violence, deaths, punishment, discrimination.

There are a lot of horrific things being done in the world these days out of an inflated sense of morality.

Humanity, on the other hand, is defined as “humannness, benevolence”

Extreme humanity would be an extreme sense of love for humanity. Extreme humanity sounds like a wonderful thing!

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The wedding series: Sangeet & Haldi


For those who know anything about Indian weddings, they will know it is no easy feat. It is full of beautiful rituals and wonderful traditions, all designed to prepare the bride for her journey in this lifetime as a wife. I enjoyed every single moment of this experience. And look back at this dreamy celebration with so much gratitude and joy.

The first wedding event was the Sangeet and Haldi.

The Sangeet function is a music and dance event. A bright, vibrant celebration of preparing for all the magic of a wedding . Songs that are about weddings are played, women dance together and laugh together. They rejoice in all that love and marriage is!

The Haldi is the ritual applying of Haldi (turmeric-  for her spiritual purification) all over my body, along with honey (for her sweetness of character) and milk (for innocence of her heart) all over the bride, preparing her on the heart and soul level for becoming a wife.

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How to organize your life


How to organize your life

This post has been sitting in my drafts since last January (gasp). It’s time to get it out there. Now you can only imagine how many posts I have that are half-written and in the works! I hope I make 2015 a year of getting it all out there.

This is quite a lengthy post but about a topic that is of great interest to me; organization! It is something that is useful at all times, so a reminder, at least for myself, is always helpful.

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Are you motivated by fear or by The Vision?

I am back! It has felt like many lifetimes have been contained in the last few weeks. It has been such a golden time of my life. The wedding ceremony was holy and beautiful. I felt entirely present, calm and deep in love.
I digress….This post is not supposed to be about our wedding – this post is about the ability we have to make life open up, or contract upon itself. This post is about fear.
When we feel fear in our heart it usually results in a couple of things. Either it causes us to be unable to act because of the fear. It causes us to remain silent when we should speak up. The fear can be so paralyzing that we avoid putting ourself out there, we avoid immersing ourself in life because our fears stop us. Most of us are aware of this fear because it’s the one that we feels limits us the most in life. It is the “Shoulda woulda coulda” kind of fear.
But fear can also cause us to act and this is the fear I want to talk about today. What about the things we do in life because of fear?

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Live with intensity

I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I would like these days as my exams are coming up in 8 DAYS. This semester has gone by so fast and I think it has been my favourite semester so far in Medicine. I have really enjoyed every rotation we covered and started to feel more comfortable in the hospital. It is really surreal to imagine that in 18 months we will be junior doctors!!!!  I am excited and grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life doing this.

I wanted to write this post for the last couple of days because I have been really inspired by this message.

There are so many opportunities for joy in this moment. There are so many opportunities for peace in this moment. But we are always too concerned with the next moment or the moment that has just past, that a joyful and peaceful life passes us by.

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