Ireland Explored: Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle. The architecture and gardens were so beautiful. And it was also a lovely day, which only made things even more perfect!

Walks in the sunshine, amongst the trees.

The romantic bench under the romantic tree.

This is a little stone fishing house built near the monastery for the monks. Apparently they even had it set up so that whenever they caught fish, a bell would ring inside the abbey so that the cook’s would know that there was fresh fish available. Smart monks!

The remains of the abbey.

Inside the abbey.

5 thoughts on “Ireland Explored: Ashford Castle

    • Malavika says:

      Hehe, well, what is home and normal to some, is like “Z’OMG WOW SHOW ME MORE!!” to others like me.

      ❤ It was a beautiful place, and it isn't too far out of Galway either. Good for a day trip.


  1. Meenu Suresh says:


    I always knew that you got my photography genes!!!
    Lovely pictures. We got to see these places on our next visit. Love you lots.



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