My 2016 goals

Happy December 1st! Ah, the first of every month does bring a fresh energy to me. Especially now as we edge closer to the new year.

It’s difficult to imagine life after May. Life after I graduate. Life after I move back to Canada. It is a significant life change, a new chapter of my life, and I wonder what new desires it may stir up in my heart, or old plans it may put to rest. But I am open, I am open to life. I am open to changing my mind and changing my heart about things.

So I write this list more like a list of possibilities that might evolve into something different. Let’s see. Let’s see what life has in store.


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How to create your own Lifebook: A personal workbook of your life

Do you have a Lifebook?

For me, creating a lifebook is the love-child of both; my obsession with stationary and my obsession with planning and documenting my life.

I love journals (Moleskine in particular).I have so many journals. So many! And sadly, most of them are unused. I don’t even want to use them for the fear of wrecking them. Journals are something that I both don’t need and desperately need simultaneously. Ick!

I finally found a good use for my beautiful journal. A lifebook.

So what is a Lifebook? A Lifebook is your personal workbook for your life.

For me, it is the perfect balance between art and productivity/planning. I like art, but not always enough to fill an entire journal.

I’m going to pretend you find it as fascinating as I do, and tell you how to make your own life book!

If you want to be given everything – give everything up.

Have you ever watched the movie “Crash” (I totally recommend it). I absolutely loved the soundtrack from the movie – this one song in particular:

In the deep – Bird york.




The best part of this song, was at the end of it, the woman’s voice that whispers “If you want to be given everything, give everything up.”

I think this is the perfect summery of what it means to be in a state of receiving. To not be attached to one outcome in particular.

Sometimes we cling to steadfastly onto what we believe is the “highest possible outcome” for ourselves. We think – this is how it has to be. Anything that deviates from this – is “Wrong.”

And sometimes these things don’t work out, and we are sad and all kinds of empty. And we wonder “what went wrong? Why doesn’t anything work out for me?”

When my troubles come rolling in, and things don’t go the way I planned, and I question myself and the universe, Miss Prescot gently reminds me that “So things didn’t happen the way you planned. This is exciting. This means that even the highest vision you had for yourself is not as high and great and as mighty and as wonderful as the one the universe has for you. So now all you have to do is wait, and be surprised!”

If you want something, and it just doesn’t seem to be happening – it’s time to let it go. It’s time to let it go so that it can actually happen for you.

It’s kind of like closing your eyes and telling someone “you can get me any gift you want for Christmas, but only if it’s a red car!!!”


Letting go is scary. I’ll be the first to admit that. It’s hard to embrace nothingness – but this is where all good things bloom.


It’s like leaving a long term relationship that just isn’t right for you anymore.

And not having somebody else you may be interested in.

And not really having any real plan about what to do now, other than loving yourself.


It’s like leaving a job that you thought was right for you (And maybe was right for you for some time – but perhaps not any more).

And not having another one ready to go.

And not really having any real plan about what to do now, other than experiencing yourself.



It’s that moment of emptiness and possibilities. You’re living on the edge. You’re living on the horizon of your life. And for that moment – however long this moment may last – you are completely open. You are open to a higher reality.

It is in this moment that something new is about to open up for you, but we so rarely step away from our shore, that we don’t see the ship coming in.

Be ready to let go.

Of everything.

Even the things you think you need.

Especially the things you think you need.

Life is dynamic. Allow it to change. And become ok with it.

It’s a moment of living on the brink. You may be full of fear. But if you just experience the fear, and let it wash over you, what will remain is passion, creativity, and inspiration.


Please never be afraid of recreating yourself. This is your birth right. We are bornmto be free, with this innate ability recreate ourselves in order to experience ourselves in a different way. Just because you’ve done something this way for a long time, does not justify doing it forever.


What can you let go of today?